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                                   Manideep K

                    Author, Security Researcher & Speaker
          (M.S in Information Security @ Carnegie Mellon University)

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                       Hacking should be a weapon for 'Defence' but not for 'Offence'
1. Authored a book - 'A Complete Practical Guide to Ethical Hacking & Information Security' at an age of 21 which made me 4th youngest Author in India to write a book on Hacking.

2. Featured in India's largest circulated English and Telugu Newspapers including Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Hans India, Vaartha, AndhraJyoti, Saakshi, Andhrabhoomi , Visaalandra etc. Also Interviewed by HMTV news channel.

3. Speaker at more than 50 seminars and workshops on 'Cyber Crime Eradication' and 'Ethical Hacking & Cyber Forensics' including at IIT Guwahati, ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education), CSI (Computer Society of india ), Tata Consultancy Services.

4. Reported critical vulnerabilities on more than 100 websites and applications including Yahoo Messenger, Jease CMS, Universities providing Masters in Information and Cyber Security including USC, NEU, SUNY Brook, Stanford etc. Have 2 dozen CVE-IDs under my name.

5. Trained more than 15,000 people in Information Security domain including corporate security teams, cyber cops and students.

6. Received appreciations from TCS Global Head-IT Security for extraordinary performance in enhancing organization's security posture and also worked with TCS Chief Information Officer (C.I.O) and Chief Security Officer (C.S.O) during various initiatives and investigations.

7. Consulted by Visakhapatnam Cyber police for assistance in solving critical cyber cases.

8. Cracked Sodexo MNC meal passes barcode algorithm and disclosed the same at NULL Security conference.

9. Received "J.N Tata Scholar" Award from J.N TATA Endowment.

10. Won Third Prize at Microsoft's "Build the Shield" competition among 50 teams appearing from top-ranked universities in USA.

11. Worked as a part-time faculty for C and C++ during sophomore days and trained more than 1000 people in designing games, anti-virus and virus codes etc. Also, worked as a part-time faculty for Ethical Hacking courses during junior and senior years.

12. Despite all, I was always one among the top 1% students throughout my academics.

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1. Adobe Systems Incorporated                   :     May 2016 to Aug 2016
          Role:   Cloud Security Researcher Intern
2. Tata Consultancy Services                       :     Jun 2012 to July 2015
          Role:   Team Lead for Core Security & Data Analytics Team
3. Innobuzz Knowldge Solutions (part-time)  :     Mar 2011 to May 2012
4. Technosoft Solutions (part-time)               :     May 2010 to Mar 2011

                                                 Selected Publications:

1. CIS Docker 1.12 benchmark                  - Click here to view this publication
2. Cracking Barcodes                                  - Click here to view this publication
3. Hacking & Securing Wireless Networks    - Click here to view this publication
4. Book on Hacking & Information Security - Click here to know more about this publication

                                                   Interest Areas:

1. Application Security
2. Containers Ecosystem Security (Docker, rkt etc)
3. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
4. Systems Security
5. Wireless and Network security
6. Social Engineering, Usable Security and Privacy


Note: I have mentioned XYZ MNC wherever I have an NDA signed with the company. You can reach me on mail for further details and after taking necessary approvals from concerned organization, I will be more than happy to share required information.

1. Secure Data Erasure
                    Successfully restored confidential data from hard disks after formatting and understood the requirement of secure data erasure in XYZ MNC. Apart from security testing market tools in this arena, I have helped the organization in deploying best in class product in this domain. As a part of this project, I understood advanced forensic techniques and was successfully able to recover the data erased by tools such as Eraser.

2. Wireless Security Technical Audit
                    Done PT for entire wireless networks across XYZ MNC and provided a vulnerability report. Suggested crucial recommendations for protecting against wireless attacks detected during PT and helped the organization till the closure of vulnerabilities identified.

3. Steghi : Steganography tool in Java
                    Designed a tool for implementing image based Steganography.

4. Enhanced Computer Control with C++
                    Written a project code using which we can perform multiple computer operations such as turning keyboard on or off, disabling/enabling mouse/touchpad, shutting down/restarting the machine, launching and exiting any application, changing time and date, copying data across files, creating and deleting folders, files etc.

5. Enhancing Endpoint Security
                    Pen-tested endpoints of a XYZ MNC and provided a report which includes multiple ways to bypass their endpoint security. Apart from providing the report, I also suggested necessity for crucial tool like EMET (protecting from memory bypass attacks etc) and helped them in deploying it and creating proper policies.

6. Physical Access Control System Technical Audit
                    Audited physical access control system across XYZ MNC and provided a report with complete set of loopholes present in their infrastructure. Apart from providing the report, I have lead the project till closure of each loophole.

7. Information Rights Management (IRM)
                    Pen-tested multiple tools available in market in IRM domain and deployed best in class product with DR setup across XYZ organization.

                    Done crucial CERT team analysis in XYZ MNC for the logs escalated by L1 and L2 teams to find any malicious activities. Apart from incident analysis,I also have made significant changes to security posture of organization by making new policies which were learnt from log analysis.

9. Data Destroyer Virus written in C
                    Written a code in C which is capable of destroying file/folder contents, making them unreadable.

10. Telecom : Broadband Application
                    Designed a broad band application in C++ which is capable of performing all basic operations of a Broadband application.

11. Machine Hacking with C++
                    Written a project code in C using which we can log key strokes of a computer, do any registry changes for blocking application access, block internet access by making changes in hosts file etc.

12. Simple Implementation of SMTP, FTP and TELNET using Java

            " Manideep worked on my team over the summer researching “bleeding edge” container security topics and making recommendations to the rest of Adobe on container security standards. It is extremely rare to find an intern I can trust with such an important topic and who can tell me what research needs to be done (rather than visa versa). Manideep is extremely bright, very hard working and needs little direction. Last but not least, Manideep is an excellent presenter and is fun to work with "
                                              - Liz McQuarrie
                                                Director of Security Operations, Cloud Ops at Adobe

            " I have known Manideep for past 5 years and his security skills are really excellent. Apart from technical skills, his command and power on resource & human management is an excellent add-on which made him a module lead for one core security team @TCS with just 2.5 years of experience. I worked with him in few projects in the past and would always wish again to work ahead with him in future. "
                                              - Abhinav Singh (Infosec Author - 3 books)
                                                Cyber Security Engineer, JP Morgan
                                                Abhinav.singh@jpmchase.com, Abhinavbom@gmail.com

            " I know Manideep for quite sometime now and he is a fantastic guy to work with. I was with him in TCS for 2 years. The amount of concentration levels he has towards things is extremely high which makes him unique from people I have seen at work. He has always been an excellent programmer which gives him a edge over other security engineers in the market. One should read his book to understand more about his skill set. If you a looking for a good security person, then he is the right one "
                                              - Abhijeth D
                                                Security Analyst, Adobe
                                                Hall of fame in Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Twitter etc
                                                Dugginap@adobe.com, abhijeth0423@gmail.com

            " I have worked with Manideep for about a year and what comes to me instantly after communicating with him is his knowledge and experience when it comes to information security management "
                                              - Alan Pauh
                                                Managing Director - Blancco SE Asia

            " Manideep is very concept oriented and has good knowledge in programming and security. He is an perfect guy for someone who is looking for a person who is proactive, technically strong and innovative. Not to forget - his presentation skills are excellent "
                                              - Madhu Akula
                                                Network Security Analyst, WalmartLabs
                                                Hall of fame in Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc

            " I have known Manideep for more than 5 years now and attended a few of his workshops on C programming and Ethical hacking. His interest and knowledge in the subject is amazing. He has great skills & knowledge in IT and Risk Management domain which are very important to handle security operations. His workshops and books on Ethical Hacking are one of the easiest and best to understand even for a novice."
                                              - Akhilesh Gadde
                                                ex- Ericsson R&D, current Stony Brook university student
                                                akhi3762@gmail.com, akhilesh.gadde@stonybrook.edu

            " I Know Manideep since 6 years, he is a combination of skills, dedication and determination. His work on security is of great admiration to anyone. Apart from doing research , he also transferred knowledge by conducting seminars and lectures. He also worked with the state police in helping them decode a few cyber crimes.when all his fellow students were busy reading books, he wrote a book on ethical hacking which was acclaimed to be one of the best sellers in the niche. He had personally helped me multiple times in solving many of mine and my friends queries related to security and also helped me in security testing of few personal build applications "
                                              - Srinivasa Ravi Theja.A
                                                Business Analyst, McGraw Hill Financials
                                                sanupindi@spcapitaliq.com, srinivasaravitheja@gmail.com